Gardening Projects are widely recognised as a valuablChildren-from-Tiffield-Schoole asset within educational establishments. Northamptonshire Gardens Trust recognises the benefits, in terms of knowledge, skills and physical and social development, which accrue to students of all ages through gardening projects. School staff also find that gardening can provide valuable and interesting links to the curriculum, in practical and theoretical terms; both inside and outside the classroom.

The Northamptonshire Gardens Trust is keen to support such activity in educational communities and our Education Grant is available to encourage garden projects of all sizes, ranging from pots to plots. Members from the Northamptonshire Gardens Trust Council would be pleased to visit and advise on proposed developments, or to support the further development of already established projects.

The grant of up to £100 may be obtained by completing the Education Grants Scheme form and money awarded may be used for setting up, or supporting a gardening club, planting, clearing, buying tools etc, as well as staff training. The Application Form is available on PDF here.