2017 Winter/Spring Lecture Season



We wish you all a Happy New Year and an interesting and profitable year of our Gardens Trust’s activities. We hope you have enjoyed the lectures so far this winter and that you will be able to come to the remaining lectures for the winter season.  We celebrate twenty-five years of the Northamptonshire Gardens Trust during 2017 and our first lecture of the year reflects this. We are also continuing our progression through garden history and this year it is the turn of the period of Humphry Repton and our literary figure of Jane Austen.


A Silver Celebration –  25 Years of the Northamptonshire Gardens Trust

A celebratory evening of reminiscence and memories, with thoughts for the future of the Trust together with Isabel’s refreshments.   If you would like to contribute a story, an illustration, photographs, a memory, or a future direction, please let Jenny know as soon as possible so that the programme can be prepared.

Advance notice:   The Celebratory Summer Party is to be at Coton Manor, the home of our President on 30th June, 2017.


‘Jane Austen’s Warwickshire family at Stoneleigh Abbey’

By Sheila Woolf.

 Most people associate Jane Austen with Hampshire and the south of England, but her connection with Warwickshire was strong: her mother’s maiden name was Leigh. Examining her family in this region it is clear that she was deeply influenced by their stories in composing her novels. As we approach the bicentenary of her death in 1817, this is a timely reminder of the importance of Warwickshire to one of our greatest novelists. Sheila is Chairman of the Stoneleigh History Society and conducts guided tours of the Abbey and Jane Austen.

Humphry Repton also worked at Stoneleigh Abbey and we hope to visit the Abbey and landscape in the summer.

THURSDAY 6th APRIL, 2017       AGM

         ‘Humphry Repton – A Man of little means but great Expectations’

        by Dr. Hazel Fryer

Hazel is a member of the Northamptonshire Gardens Trust and recently retired as a Landscape Architect specialising in Historic Site restoration. She was a former Chairman of the Association of Gardens Trusts (now The Gardens Trust) and her PhD centred on the art and design of the landscapes of Humphry Repton.


 All meetings will be held at Great Houghton Village Hall and all start at 7.30 p.m.    

Parking is available